Speaking out for the voiceless kittens and cats!

Date(s): July 26, 2016–July 24, 2017
Time: 10: 00 am –12: 00 pm
Action: Engage and Educate Neighbors

My six years old daughter and I like to take our daily walks around the apartment complex we live in, and she is always on alert looking for any little creature in need, specially cats, and kittens! Since four years ago, when we started helping one of our friend to TNR we have seeing a reduction on the number of the feral/stray cats around our area, but lamentably, with the move-in and out of people we are still finding abandoned cats, and the bad attitude of some of the residents. So, now we are trying to meet the new people and find out if they like animals, and talk to them about the importance of some programs like TNR and how to help, instead to just complain to the office, or even worst call the Animal Control, because the Pinole, and Martinez, CA shelters are high killing shelters which have killing many innocent ones!