Pinellas County Prarie

Date(s): August 1, 2016–August 31, 2017
Time: 1: 00 am –12: 00 am
Action: Write Letter to an Elected Official
Volunteers Needed

Cat communities are purposefully ignored and those who abandon their pets are not accountable. Anyone who attempts to give them assistance is held accountable though they didn’t create the problem. Is it just me or is this completely***backward? I recently moved to a Mobile Home Park in Pinellas Park area where there are many other parks and all have abandoned cat colonies that Pinellas is unwilling to deal with humanely. Animal Services is under staffed and their practices archaic. I am ignorant on how to proceed but would like to take action. Please advise!

Pinellas county animal services is no longer working with SPCA doing investigation and is not hiring investigators. Their guidelines are vague as to what is considered cruelty and many complaints are dismissed without investigation. This is an epidemic that need immediate attention!