ILove for Ferals

Date(s): November 20, 2008–September 3, 2020
Time: 6: 00 pm –12: 00 pm
Action: Participate in Managed Colony Care

I have been registered as a colony caretaker for over 7 years now. I provide food, shelter, TNR, and lots of love and will continue to take care of any feral cat that needs TNR, food & shelter. I educate people in the neighborhood about what a feral is and how the program works. I also assist neighbors with creating shelters and provide food to neighbors who can’t afford it. I have gone to battle several times, and will continue to do so, with the HOA over the feral colonies – explaining what a feral is, explaining that they are NOT outside pets, but part of nature, just like rabbits, squirrels, and any other wild animal. I have Provided TNR services to over 20 cats to date in my colony alone. I also provide information to others on how to become a colony caretaker.