Folks Feeding Felines

Date(s): July 5, 2019–October 17, 2018
Time: 1: 00 pm –12: 00 am
Action: Organize Cat Food/Supply Drive

Will be setting up a food drive to get friends to donate food for Stacy’s Strays and Ferals. Our friend Stacy Custalow, passed away in early May in a tragic motorcycle accident. She would feed over 70 cats (12 colonies)every day 2 hours before going to work each morning and was instrumental in TNR’s and working each month with Project Catnip (huge one day a month event for TNR) here in Richmond, VA. Her absence has left a huge hole that many of us, her friends and fellow trappers/fosters, are filling in to feed the colonies she maintained and also the strays in the various neighborhoods that she frequented. Thanks.