Fearless 5 Need Food Donations

Date(s): October 16, 2016–December 31, 2016
Time: 12: 00 pm
Action: Organize Cat Food/Supply Drive

With the help of the SPCA and the TNR program, I have a Mom and her 4 kittens that have a permanent home. Momma Kitty, Pickles, CC, Wily, Ozzy live on and under my now ( enclosed for the winter) deck. They have insulated storage bins with tons of fuzzy blankets to keep them warm, rigid foam insulation under and around the bins for added warmth and fresh food and water on an as needed basis, Herein lies my problem, food for them. Occasionally a neighbor will drop off a bag of food from Dollar Tree or someone will leave some cans of food on my door step, It’s not enough to feed them for a day , let alone an entire season on a daily basis. My resources are stretched to the limit as I am disabled. Can you please help? Every penny counts when the homeless are in need. Mind you I have 2 of my own indoor cats….these 5 are just an addition to the family. Thank you from the bottom of not only mine but the entire Fearless 5 Feral Family…