Bow Wow Meow Menders of Mpls supporting Ferals

Date(s): October 16, 2017–October 17, 2017
Time: 1: 00 pm –5: 00 pm
Action: Organize Cat Food/Supply Drive

Bow Wow Meow Menders donates handmade beds, pads, toys and coverlets to local rescues to help fundraise and sponsor vaccines, spay/neuter and overall health care for local feral colony triage/TNR efforts. We attend various rescue events to help educate and hand out information of available resources and current efforts, network for fosters and impound pulls from euthanasia listings. This year’s effort will focus on the Barn Cats Program PPR – another of the few local rescues who help Ferals. Location pending confirmation but this event is free and open to public. Usually held on Thirsdays but will do Wed in honor of FeralDay.