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Social Media Toolkit

Whether you’re hosting a large-scale Trap-Neuter-Return day in your community or a relaxed movie night at home, social media can be a powerful way to get the word out and share information with attendees.

Use Twitter and Facebook to promote National Feral Cat Day® and your event.

Be sure to follow Alley Cat Allies’ social networks: We’ll be posting National Feral Cat Day® graphics, photos, information, and other goodies that you can also share. Use the hashtag #FeralCatDay on all your posts, and follow the hashtag across all your favorite social networks to see what everyone is up to. Be sure to ask your event attendees to use the hashtag, too!

For Facebook:

Follow us on Facebook, where you’ll find photos, graphics, links, and other great things to LIKE & SHARE. On your own Facebook page or profile:

  • Create a Facebook event and ask attendees to invite their friends to attend.
  • Ask attendees and local organizations to post your event on their social media pages.
  • Use and share the National Feral Cat Day® graphics on our Images and Guidelines page or posted to our Facebook photo album:
  • Create and post a special image of your own for your event (Note: The Alley Cat Allies and National Feral Cat Day® logos and images are copyrighted trademarks and cannot be altered.)
  • Change your Facebook profile photo to our National Feral Cat Day® graphic and make your status “I’m celebrating National Feral Cat Day on Oct. 16. Learn more about feral cats and how you can help them!”

Need some inspiration for posts to share? Check out these samples:

  • Today is National Feral Cat Day! Today and every day, let’s educate our community about feral cats.
  • I’m hosting an event for National Feral Cat Day and I’d love to see you there! [link to your event]
  • Join me this year for National Feral Cat Day! I’m hosting an event on [date] to spread the word about feral cats and how we can help them! [link to your event]

For Twitter:

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and feel free to share any of our National Feral Cat Day® posts. Check out the hashtag #FeralCatDay to see what everyone is up to, and be sure to include the hashtag in your tweets, too! Need some tweet inspiration? Check out these sample posts:

  • Before October 16…
    • October 16 is National Feral Cat Day: #FeralCatDay
    • I’m hosting an event for National Feral Cat Day & you’re invited! [link to your event] #FeralCatDay
    • Join me in celebrating cats this National Feral Cat Day – October 16! #FeralCatDay
  • On October 16…
    • It’s National Feral Cat Day! Hope to see you at our event. [link to your event] #FeralCatDay
    • Today and every day, let’s educate our community about feral cats. #FeralCatDay
    • How are you celebrating National Feral Cat Day? I’m [fill in the blank]. [link to your event] #FeralCatDay

Or retweet us @alleycatallies:

Take a National Feral Cat Day® selfie.

It’s easy to do:

  • Download and print our PDF.
  • Take a picture of yourself holding the sign up.
  • Share the picture on all of your social networking profiles, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  • Be sure to use the hashtag #FeralCatDay so everyone can see!

Write a blog post about National Feral Cat Day® and link to your event.

Here are some sample topics: How your local community approaches feral cat care, the rapid growth in the number of communities adopting TNR, an interview with a local feral cat caregiver, or an educational post on what to do when you find a kitten or cat outside. The options are endless! Not a blogger? Ask your favorite blogger to write about feral cats, or comment on related blogs.

Social media loves facts and stats! Here are some you can share:

      • Alley Cat Allies started National Feral Cat Day® in 2001.
      • In the last decade, the number of local governments with official policies endorsing Trap-Neuter-Return has increased tenfold.
      • Cats have lived outdoors–alongside humans–for more than 10,000 years.
      • Feral cats are just as healthy as pet cats and live full, healthy lives outdoors.
      • More than 70% of all cats who enter shelters are killed there, including virtually 100% of feral cats.
      • 1 in 4 Americans have fed an outdoor cat.
      • More than 80% of Americans think it’s more humane to leave a stray cat outdoors where she can to live out her life, rather than being caught and killed.

Share Alley Cat Allies videos online.

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Tell us what you’re up to!

We want to know what you’re doing for National Feral Cat Day, so tweet, post on our Facebook wall, or email us to let us know how you’re celebrating. We’ll be on the look out for great community events to share on our social networks.