Ideas and Inspiration

There are so many ways to help cats—on National Feral Cat Day® and year-round! These actions are at the core of what makes National Feral Cat Day so effective. Need inspiration on what action you can take this year? We’re here to help!

Be sure to register your action online to show the world how you’re getting active for National Feral Cat Day. Don’t forget: when you register you’ll receive a kit full of goodies in the mail!

Sign a pledge or petition for cats.

With just a few clicks of the mouse you can protect and improve the lives of cats. Take action online now.

Register for our eNews.

Sign up to receive periodic updates and communications at

Share a selfie.

Show the world your National Feral Cat Day pride! Print out one of our selfie signs, then snap a selfie and share it on your favorite social networks with #FeralCatDay.


“I’m celebrating National Feral Cat Day, October 16” selfie sign


“I’m celebrating National Feral Cat Day, October 16 because …” fill-in selfie sign

Share or write a post on social media.

You can quickly spread the word about community cats and Trap-Neuter-Return on social media with a blog, tweet, or other post. See our Social Media Toolkit for ideas and inspiration! Be sure to include #FeralCatDay.

Donate to Alley Cat Allies.

Your donation will help us save even more cats and transform more communities around the nation. Donate online at

Learn about community cats online.

Find out about how Alley Cat Allies is working to protect all cats in all communities at

Talk to your veterinarian about community cats.

Ask your veterinarian to get involved in National Feral Cat Day and share our Veterinary Resource Center information.

Watch a webinar.

Learn how to help protect cats’ lives. Consider inviting friends, family, and/or community members to a viewing of one of our recorded webinars.

Visit your local shelter or animal control agency.

This is the first step in learning about what happens to cats and how you can all work together to save more. Knowing where your local shelter is, what resources they offer, and familiarizing yourself with their policies and protocols (ex, what to do if your cat is lost or impounded) is helpful. If you discover your local shelter or animal control could use help embracing humane, lifesaving policies we have information to help:

Volunteer for your local rescue group or shelter.

Connect with your local rescue groups or shelter to see if they need help. This is especially fun if you’re socializing kittens!

Organize a cat food/supply drive for your local rescue or shelter.

Grab some friends and volunteers and set up drives for cat food and other supplies. Ask your local pet or grocery stores if you can host your drive there.

Help promote cats for adoption at your local rescue group or shelter.

Spread the word, writing creative descriptions for cats, and taking great photos all helps find forever homes!

Submit a letter to the editor of a local paper.

Get cats in the news by raising awareness for community cats and TNR in your local paper. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper to educate readers about National Feral Cat Day, community cats, Trap-Neuter-Return, and the lifesaving work being done by Alley Cat Allies or your local group(s). See examples of letters to the editor.

Celebrate a National Feral Cat Day Proclamation.

Encourage your local government to officially announce October 16 as National Feral Cat Day in your city or county. See our proclamation sample, and be sure to let us know about your proclamation by sending us a copy via fax: 240-482-1990; email:; or postal mail: Alley Cat Allies, 7920 Norfolk Ave, Suite 600, Bethesda, MD 20814-1515.

Engage and educate your neighbors.

Hand out educational materials and use these to start a conversation about cats in your community. You can bring our educational materials to upcoming public events—like fairs or festivals—or set up a booth in public places like libraries, grocery stores, or malls. Don’t forget to wear your National Feral Cat Day gear.


Raise money to help cats by offering items or hosting an event. Whether you organize a bake sale or a gala, every dollar helps. Connect with local sponsors and hold a fundraising event for your local Trap-Neuter-Return program, for Alley Cat Allies, or both! Have a National Feral Cat Day themed party! If you own a business, dedicate a portion of the day’s proceeds to helping cats. Challenge coworkers and friends to a friendly competition to raise the most money for TNR and other cat-saving programs. Get more fundraising ideas.

Host a vigil.

Honor the memory of cats who have died and call attention to the issues cats face. Gather your family, friends, and community members together with white roses or candles, print photos of the cats you’re memorializing, and prepare to say a few words. 

Organize a neighborhood cleanup.

Spread the love in your community by beautifying the spaces that cats and people share with a neighborhood cleanup. Pick a location and invite your friends, family, and community members to come. Supply or ask people to bring trash or recycling bags, work gloves, tools like shovels or rakes, and seasonally appropriate attire. Cleaning up your community will make both cats and people happy!

Write a letter to an elected official.

Whether it’s about pending legislation or just touching base, let your elected official know that cats matter when it comes to your vote, and that you support humane policies for cats.

Become a Feral Friend.

Join our network of experienced caregivers and advocates who offer critical support to neighbors and concerned citizens throughout the country, providing support that can save cats’ lives. Sign up at

Adopt or foster a cat.

Save a life by visiting your local shelter or rescue and fostering or adopting a cat waiting for her forever home.

Build outdoor shelters.

Build insulated houses for cats yourself or partner with a hardware store and host a workshop to teach people how to build shelters. You can invite local community cat caregivers, charge a materials fee, and hold demonstrations. Have instructors walk around and help, and give caregivers copies of building instructions that they can use year-round. Use our shelter building instructions and find more shelter options.

Conduct a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) project.

See our step-by-step guide on how to do Trap-Neuter-Return at

Host a community workshop/other humane education event.

Help educate your community, friends, and neighbors about cats by holding an informative workshop about community cats and Trap-Neuter-Return. Learn how to run a Helping Community Cats workshop.

Meet with government officials.

Talk to your elected officials about community cats, their caregivers, and the benefits of Trap-Neuter-Return.

Meet with shelter officials.

Start a conversation with your local shelter officials about ways to save more cats. Find information at

Organize a marathon or walk-a-thon.

Make a visible difference and raise funds by setting up a marathon or walk-a-thon in your city or county. Choose a course, wear your National Feral Cat Day gear, and enlist your friends, family, and community members to run or walk for cats. You can even get sponsors to help raise funds for your local TNR group.

Organize a rally.

Many voices are louder than one. Show the world how many people are standing up for community cats. Wear your National Feral Cat Day gear, print signs, and consider inviting the media to raise awareness for local or national cat issues. See pledges, petitions, and national actions you can use as rallying points.

Become a community cat caregiver.

Give some extra TLC to the cats in your community by providing food, water, shelter, and care. You can find our tips and best practices for community cat colony care at

Host an adoption event.

Use National Feral Cat Day to promote your adoptable cats!

Host a microchip clinic.

Help community members get their cats (and dogs!) chipped and registered.

Host a spay/neuter clinic.

Make a huge difference in the lives of cats by providing low-cost or free spay/neuter services to your community. Learn how to run a high-volume, high-quality spay/neuter clinic.

Host a vaccination clinic.

Protect cats and the community with low-cost or free vaccinations in honor of National Feral Cat Day.