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How Shelters Can Get Involved

Calico CatThank you for getting involved with the National Feral Cat Day® this year!

Your shelter can be the catalyst for change to save cats’ lives. There are many methods for saving cats’ lives on National Feral Cat Day® and year-round such as performing Trap-Neuter-Return, educating your community, and advocating for community-wide ordinances. These activities are the core of what makes National Feral Cat Day® so important, and we’ve got everything you need to help your event take off!

This year, National Feral Cat Day® focuses on communities that are working to adopt TNR as a program to save cats’ lives. We’ve got the ideas, tools, and support to improve your outcomes for cats in your community.

Don’t Forget:

Pound and shelter event hosts who register on our event listing receive a T-shirt, two posters, materials to distribute at your event, and more!

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