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How Shelters Can Get Involved

nfcdkitten1Thank you for getting involved with the National Feral Cat Day® Challenge this year!

As a shelter, you can be the architect of change for cats in your community. There are many “blueprints” for saving cats’ lives on NFCD and year round: performing Trap-Neuter-Return; educating your community; advocating for community-wide ordinances. These events are the core of what makes NFCD so important, and we’ve got everything you need to help your event take off!

This year, our NFCD Challenge focuses on working and partnering with shelters to take strides to protect even more animals. We’ve got the ideas, tools, and support to improve your outcomes for cats who come under your care.

Don’t Forget:

  • Pound and shelter event hosts who register on our event listing receive an Advocacy Toolkit with Alley Cat Allies resources. Register your animal pound or shelter event.
  • This year’s National Feral Cat Day® Award, the Architects of Change for Cats Award, will recognize five shelters that commit to an official Feral Cat Protection Policy, which means that they stop impounding feral cats, and support Trap-Neuter-Return. Alley Cat Allies will distribute five awards of $5,000. Shelters chosen to participate will also receive staff support and guidance from Alley Cat Allies as they launch their Feral Cat Protection Policy and other initiatives to save cats’ lives. Applications are due at midnight on September 20, 2013.

Shelter Resources:

National Feral Cat Day® Pound and Shelter Events