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Sun City Cats…..El Paso Animal Services

The Sun City Cats TNR pilot program was established this year and is working well. Protocols were written; community relations are being developed; and we continue to develop a volunteer base. We feel that the community can and will work together when the program is presented with facts and in a positive manner. TNR in El Paso will include all free-roaming cats that have been living outside and doing well on their own, whether they are feral or friendly. Animal Services is currently taking the administrative lead. All agree that a proactive, humane solution is needed to prevent the high number of cats and kittens from entering the shelter. We are assessing current laws to determine what needs to be updated to implement a broad TNR program in El Paso. The Animal Shelter Advisory Committee endorsed our recommendation to participate not only in the National Feral Cat Day but also to celebrate throughout the month of October. The City has allocated funds for spay and neuter programs. We are targeting particular neighborhoods by going door-to-door with informational pamphlets to raise awareness on the free-roaming cat population in El Paso. Booths have been setup throughout the City (October 13th Dog Lovers Fair, October 2nd Texas National Night Out). Local businesses are getting involved by allowing us to leave educational material and by making contributions to help the program. A community walk-a-thon will be held. Bake sales will occur. Cat shelters are being built by kind individuals who have agreed to dedicate their time and energy. Local vets are participating for a designated nominal fee. We are currently working on public relations through media outlets. We feel that the community will be more interested in supporting TNR when it realizes that Animal Services and the rest of the City are adopting a more humane approach for dealing with cats and all animals!

Start: January 5, 2012
End: October 7, 2015
Location: El Paso TX US
Registration: Free
Organization: Sun City Cats
Telephone: 915-472-4926
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