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Palm Springs Cat Action Team (PALM SPRINGS C.A.T.)

We are working on TNR for the entire City of Palm Springs, California. We anticipate 50 spay/neuters a month and hope it goes higher in order to bring out population down and reduce the number of cats in our shelter (currently 280). We believe there are 12,000 feral cats and we hope to bring the population down in 3 years to relatively zero! We started in May of this year with relocating some of the ferals in our shelter to ranches, stables and homes and began trapping with one condominium complex last year with 6-8 cats and in Aug of 2012 we will have spay/neutered over 40 feral adults and kittens. We also have a budget with the city to provide free spay and neuter of our community cats.

Educating our community is what we are beginning. 1. That feral cats exist and we have a program. 2. That program is TNR and 3. The vacuum effect is alive and well so we redirect them from “getting the cats out” into integrating TNR to create barrier.
4. We will remove kittens to be fostered or to shelter to be socialized for adoption.

I’m trying to integrate a kick off event to include a large condo complex that has a large problem but at first did not want TNR. After some facts and communication the board decided they are going with it! I’ve been asked to write a brief for their Oct. newsletter and plan to integrate our TNR event and include ACA website for info! This is good news as they manage large properties in So. Cal and if this is successful they will become a voice for TNR in the property management world.

This is key as before we bring out to media and get the barrage of naysayers I wanted to have some success stories and some positive support and have had some great community success stories as well and hope to promote.

Start: May 1, 2012
End: August 29, 2015
Location: Palm Springs Calif. various locations
Palm Springs CA US
Registration: Free
Organization: Palm Springs Cat Action Team
Telephone: 760-820-CAT1
Map via Google