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Frankie’s Friends Cat Rescue

Frankie’s Friends Cat Rescue formed out of the undercover investigation of Pennsylvania’s largest cruelty case, Tiger Ranch. After the rescued cats’ recoveries, many were placed in sanctuary care in the form of a house purchased by Frankie’s Friends volunteer veterinarian. To fund the sanctuary and ongoing medical care of rescued cats, Frankie’s Friends constructed a mobile surgical unit and provides low cost spay/neuter and other surgeries for predominantly cats (and some dogs and rabbits, too). So far our mobile surgical unit has housed over 1500 surgeries. Obstacles are often encountered in the form of local Pittsburgh community anti-cat ordinances, and are overcome by Frankie’s Friends veterinary medical professionals presenting the scientific and humane backing of TNR. Frankie’s Friends also intervenes in emergency situations, such as an abandoned property with 30 cats inside, who were otherwise going to be left to starve via boarding up of windows on the location. Met with refusal to assist from local humane officers. Due to a broken window on the premises, Frankie’s Friends successfully trapped, medically attended to and spayed/neutered, ultimately adopted out the once abandoned cats. Frankie’s Friends continues to reach out to the community to provide low cost spay/neuter and advocate for the process of TNR.

Start: October 1, 2011
End: October 6, 2015
Location: PO Box 161
Tarentum PA US
Registration: Free
Organization: Frankie's Friends Cat Rescue
Telephone: 724-889-7011
Map via Google