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Bake Sale at Mississippi Farmers Market

Volunteers will sell a delicious assortment of baked goods and have an exhibit about feral cats and TNR at the Mississippi Farmers Market in Jackson on Saturday, October 19, 2013, in honor of National Feral Cat Day. We will offer educational materials about low-cost spay/neuter and continue to encourage trap-neuter-return and compassionate treatment towards alley cats/ barn cats in the Jackson area and beyond. We will also have photos and profiles of adoptable kittens and cats. All donations and proceeds from the sale will go toward TNR and other vet and caretaking expenses.

Post-Event Summary

The bake sale to raise funds for and promote TNR was a great success! We had so many delicious baked goods provided by our supporters, and we raised $330, which can be used to spay/neuter 66 cats. We talked to people about cats in their neighborhoods and have some leads on areas of town that would benefit from TNR. I was very pleased to meet some new contacts who are involved in TNR and supporting feral cats, so the event was beneficial in strengthening our network. One of our first projects that we'll use the funds for is to TNR 7 cats living in a neighborhood where animal control has picked up feral cats in the past. A citizen there saw our promotion of the event on TV (we had a brief spot on the local news), and he called to get help with some cats he feeds. He wants them to stay there "in the 'hood" but doesn't have the means to get them to a vet. We hope that by showing him how we practice TNR, the word will spread in this part of town that calling animal control to pick up cats is not necessary, and that if they are spayed and neutered, the cats will be good neighbors and stay in manageable numbers.

Volunteers Needed

We'd be happy to have more volunteers to bake items or help at the sale.

Start: October 19, 2013 8:00 AM
End: October 19, 2013 2:00 PM
Type: Booth or Tabling
Location: Mississippi Farmers Market
929 High Street
Jackson MS
Registration: Free
Contact: Valerie Jones
Organization: Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter
Telephone: 601-978-3642
Map via Google